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house-300x225Most people dread moving whether it’s across town or across the country, and a holiday relocation can seem like a double whammy. However, you can make this transition much less stressful if you handle it the right way. Here are a few reasons why the holidays are a great time for a major life change:

The Holidays Offer More Time Off
Except for summer vacation, this period offers more time off from work and school than any other. Combine your paid holidays with vacation for a leisurely move if you’re being transferred. If you’re changing jobs or moving for any other reason, the extra time off will let your children settle into their new home, and maybe even make a new friend, before enrolling in their new school.

It’s an Adventure!
Instead of spending another run-of-the-mill holiday at home, this year could be a real adventure! Make the move easier on your kids by presenting it the right way. Stay positive and keep them in the loop from the beginning, and treat the trip itself as a semi-vacation by planning some kid-friendly side trips. If your kids miss their friends or extended family, let them make some phone calls or video-chat on Skype. Most of all, tell your younger children that Santa always knows where they are whether they at home, on the road, or in an entirely new city! If possible, have a special holiday gift hidden away for your arrival.

The Stress-Free Way to Choose Your Next Home
How much luck do you think you’ll have choosing a new home by viewing photos or taking virtual tours? Chances are there will be something about that house that someone in your family absolutely hates. Instead of moving just to move again, take advantage of corporate housing. With this plan, you can move into a fully furnished home and take all the time in the world to explore your new city as a family. Once everyone has had a chance to walk through your next permanent home and give their stamp of approval, you can rest assured they will be just as happy in their new home as their old one.

Of course, if you’d like to try out a new job without uprooting your family during the holidays, corporate housing offers another option. With this plan, you can settle into a comfortable home while your family continues with their normal lives until you’re sure of the situation. As an added bonus, your family won’t have to stay in a cramped hotel room if they want to visit and take a look around before a final decision is made.

What better way to get a fresh start for the New Year than waking up in a new city with a new job or a new school? If this sounds exactly like what you need, make it happen with the right attitude and the help of corporate housing!


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