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When is the right time for professional help? Always! Discover a more enlightened, richer journey when not bogged down with researching options, blindly contacting properties, adjusting conversion rates, or vetting a location – leave all this to the housing experts!

One call or email provides the options in your selected type of housing whether a hotel, spacious apartment or private home. Relax and enjoy your holiday. CHA is taking care of your lodging when and where you want to be.

Don’t fly blind! Explore the world with CHA, where 19 years of successful international housing know-how is at your fingertips!

Individuals and Families

When you’re away from home for business or fun, hotels aren’t always the ideal option. Even for short periods, furnished housing is available in spacious accommodations.

CHA is in business to save our customer’s valuable time by performing the careful research of available options that best suit you. When paying your own way without assistance, contacting a professional lodging expert like CHA becomes a huge benefit.

We take your order, so you can have your home away from home, your way! Tell us the size, location, arrival date, length of stay, and budget and we’ll make your international lodging experience stress-free and easy. After careful research, locations & rates are presented. Make your selection, confirm your reservation and with efficiency your accommodations are handled with the care and comfort you deserve. CHA has the experience you need whether traveling domestically or abroad.

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