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furnished apartments Houston

05 Jul
Corporate Housing Rates – Finding The Best Deal For Your Housing Needs

When you’re navigating a transfer to a new location or working on a temporary assignment out of state, you will be in nee...

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04 Oct
Temporary Rentals for the Holidays in Houston and The Woodlands

If you have a large family or a group of travelers, it can be costly to go on a vacation, especially during the holidays, when ...

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02 Oct
Having Difficulties Selling Your Home? Turn It Into Corporate Housing.

Selling your home in a down market can be a challenge, even in Houston or The Woodlands, TX. Unless you want to sell at a deep ...

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23 May
Corporate Housing for Business Travelers – Making it Feel Like Home

To find the best job opportunities, many qualified applicants are expanding their job search to include open positions in other...

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08 Mar
Pet-Friendly Vacation Homes in The Woodlands

Taking a vacation without your pet can be stressful for both of you. Whether you choose to board your pet at a local kennel or ...

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28 Dec
Long Distance Commuting. In Need of a Temporary Home Away from Home?

While telecommuting has been on the increase for years, a previously-rare scenario in the workplace has also been increasing in...

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30 Nov
Top 4 reasons why snowbirds should stay in a furnished vacation apartment

Many Americans are getting ready to close up their cold northern homes and head south to warmer climates for the winter months....

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11 Oct
Temporary Housing for Holiday Family Reunions

Take Advantage of Temporary Housing for your Holiday Family Reunion It’s hard to believe that the holidays are already almost u...

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04 Oct
Advantages of Corporate Housing over Hotel Rooms

The Advantages of Corporate Housing Over Hotel Rooms – A Traveler Shares Her Story “Last year I attended a convention in a city...

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17 Sep
Plan a fall family getaway to Houston and stay in a furnished apartment

We all need an occasional change of scenery. Family getaways can be a fun way to take a break from work, school, and the everyd...

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