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Are you discouraged that your property is sitting vacant? Do you have reliable repairmen you can call at a moment’s notice? Are you weary of dealing with tenants? CHA Residential Services, a new division of Corporate Housing Associates, LP (a Broker Partnership license no. 9002054) can manage every aspect of renting/leasing your home or property. Here’s how it came about.

Corporate Housing Associates, LP has established itself as a specialist in temporary corporate accommodations, offering extended-stay, premier furnished (or unfurnished) apartments with all the basic comforts of home and amenities of a resort hotel. We provide the best rent collection, tenant screening, credit check, & property leasing services in the Woodlands, TX area. By offering flexible length of stay, detailed monthly billing, and easy payment methods, there’s an option to suit any individual’s housing needs — be it for that business trip, vacation or even a transitional home prior to permanent relocation.

Who We Are


Property Management Woodlands TX

Corporate clients relocating employees and their families generally provide them with subsidized housing for a limited amount of time. Employees are encouraged to find permanent residences to transfer into before their time in temporary housing comes to an end.

Because of our corporate customers’ needs for longer term housing and requests from home owners for assistance, Corporate Housing Associates, LP created a sub-division specializing in property management called CHA Residential Services. Now, whether near or far, CHA Residential Services can assist homeowners in managing their properties with services including repairs and maintenance, tenant screening reports, marketing and advertising, rent collection and financial reporting. Relocated employees also have the opportunity to search available housing options they can transition to once their subsidized temporary housing comes to an end.

Products and Services

Property Management, Tenant Screening, Residential Repairs, Property Leasing, Rent Collection, Credit Check, Premier Furnished Apartments, Flexible Stay Housing, Temporary Relocation, Extended Stay Housing


Residential Repairs Woodlands TX

Corporate Housing Associates, LP is headquartered in The Woodlands which is a master planned community composed of seven villages. Each village is self-contained and designed so that homes are located within close proximity of shopping, walking, jogging / bike trails, parks, excellent schools, specialty restaurants, medical plazas, family entertainment and much more. As the largest corporate and temporary housing provider in NW Houston with exclusivity at most of the rental communities in The Woodlands, CHA is always looking for ways to accommodate our customer’s needs. Adding property management solutions to our roster of skills through CHA Residential Services was just a natural fit for us.

CHA has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2009. It is affiliated with various other organizations, including the Houston Association of Realtors, the Texas Association of Realtors, Greater Houston Partnership, the National Association of Realtors, MLS – Multiple Listing Service, Worldwide ERC, the South Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, the Houston West Chamber of Commerce, the Corporate Housing Providers Association and the South Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Lastly, all our employees are Fair Housing certified. Call today for more information on our rent collection, tenant screening, credit check, & property leasing services.

For Stress free housing with you in mind®, call 281-210-3434 or 866-697-3434 to learn more about how we can help you with your housing needs.