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West Chase/Energy Corridor

Furnished Apartments in Westchase/Energy Corridor, TX

Weschase/Energy Corridor is a booming neighborhood and one of the most popular areas in Houston for relocation and travel due to its proximity to important areas of the city, including many corporate companies. We offer a wide selection of corporate housing and temporary housing with wonderful accommodations to meet your every need. Click on any of our furnished properties below for more information on specific locations. Also feel free to give us a call for any further assistance you may need, or if you cannot find a property that meets your needs.

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  • Alexan Enclave
  • Phone Number: 281-210-3434, 866–697–3434
  • Display Address: Houston, Texas
  • The Slate
  • Phone Number: 866-697-3434
  • Display Address: Houston, Texas

About Westchase/Energy Corridor, Texas
One of Houston’s most popular destinations, Westchase/Energy Corridor is the third largest employment center in the region and has more than 78,000 employees and consisting of more than 300 international, national and local companies. With high expected economic growth rates taken by a study conducted in 2010, the Energy Corridor District is an ideal neighborhood for business people and individuals looking to find new jobs and relocation. Like its name, the Energy Corridor is a town that is full of energy. Surrounded by two of the largest open natural areas of an metropolitan region, there is an amazing 50 miles of parks and trails for your to visit and explore. Energy Corridor is also known and considered to be a highly desirable location for housing and investment with property values continuing to rise every day. Clean and green, Energy Corridor has it all to ensure you a wonderful stay short or long-term here in Houston. As one of our most popular destinations we have a wide selection of furnished apartments for you to choose from, feel free to click on the links below for more information on corporate housing in the Energy Corridor.