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Pompano Beach

Looking for Corporate Housing or Furnished Apartments in Pompano Beach, FL?

If you’re planning a vacation or looking to relocate for family or work let Corporate Housing Associates assist you in finding the perfect furnished apartment for your long or short-term stay in Pompano Beach, FL. We have a wide variety of customized housing solutions to match your specific needs and budget. Feel free to browse through our selection of available properties and also be sure to give us a call if you are in need or any further assistance. Come make Pompano Beach, FL your new home with Corporate Housing Associates!

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About Pompano Beach, FL
Breath-taking views of the ocean, beautiful sunsets, and acres of spanning green fields of golf lands and nature is what living in Pompano Beach, FL is like every day. A beautiful place to live in or vacation to with everything you need and could ever want in your life. Also known as “the Heart of the Gold Coast”, Pompano Beach is located between Palm Beach and Miami so excellent shopping, dining and entertainment is easily found all throughout the city and surrounding areas.

The name “Pompano” actually derives from the name of a fish found off the Atlantic coast and it’s no surprise that Pompano Beach is known for its excellent fishing. Along with fishing, there is list of beautiful aquatic and recreational spots to check out in the city. Snorkelers and scuba divers can enjoy exploring the coral reefs along the coast, families and individuals can take advantage of the number of parks and nature parks great for picnics and outdoor activities. With such wonderful weather and beautiful surroundings, the outdoor is everyone’s playground to share and enjoy.

For the past several months Pompano Beach has been experiencing a promising rise in employment and a gradual decrease in unemployment rates. Pompano Beach continues to go through projects of redevelopment and is looking towards a bright and booming future.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful place to vacation in or a lovely and lively community to move to, Pompano Beach is the perfect place for your short or long-term stay in Florida. We understand that moving and relocating can be a very stressful and tiring process and so we’re here to help take that load off of your back. For beautifully furnished apartments in Pompano Beach, FL let Corporate Housing Associates find your perfect new home.