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Orange Park

Looking for Corporate Housing or Temporary Furnished Apartments in Orange Park, FL?

If you’re looking for corporate housing, temporary housing, or furnished apartments then you have come to the right place. Here at Corporate Housing Associates we have a trained staff of professionals ready to help you find a solution to your housing needs. Choose from a variety of beautifully furnished apartments and homes customized to fit your budget and preferences. Pack your bags and let us take care of the rest. Be sure to browse through our selection of available properties and give us a call for more information or for further assistance.

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About Orange Park, FL
Orange Park is a wonderful and beautiful community for one looking to relocate to for business or personal purposes. Located within the Clay County and the suburbs or Jacksonville, families and couples alike enjoy the peaceful and community-like lifestyle that this city has to offer. Orange Park is filled with lovely homes as well as all of the convenient stores, shopping malls, and entertainment centers that one needs for every day necessities and leisure. Along with that there are a number of recreational parks and nature spots to visit and explore. And if you’re relocating here for work, the city calls itself the gateway to opportunity, welcoming all business owners, retail establishments and corporations to come join the prosperous Orange Park community.

Whether you’re here for business or fun, Orange Park is perfect destination for it all. A lovely neighborhood to raise a family in and a relaxing spot to escape to for vacation. If you’re in need of corporate housing or furnished housing for your short or long-term stay in Orange Park, let Corporate Housing Associates assist you. Moving and relocating can be stressful and tiring so let us take a load off your backs. Take a look through our selection of furnished apartments and give us a call for more information or further assistance.