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Our Process

Let our team do all of the difficult research for you

Corporate Housing Associates offers endless options in turnkey global housing solutions. Get in touch with us and tell us about your housing needs. Our award-winning team of experienced agents will ask you any pertinent questions to ensure that we provide the best possible options for your short or long term housing needs. We’ll discuss:

  • – Type of housing preferred
  • – Location
  • – Length of stay
  • – Number of occupants
  • – Pets
  • – Budget
  • – Special requirements

CHA locates the best available options based on your requirements.

We’ll provide you with a customized list of properties that address your specific needs. Our team of specialists are available to discuss the details of each property with you, including information about amenities, furnishings, the local scene and any other factor that might influence your decision. We take pride in providing high levels of customer service to each and every individual. You don’t have to worry about any high pressure sales tactics.

Choose the accommodation that best fits your need.

Coldwater Luxury Apts - Austin TX

After you select the property from the many great options, our team will swing into action, reserving the accommodations, preparing all of the furnishings, and scheduling any other items as needed based on your specific requirements. We’ll prepare all of the paperwork (lease, utilities, etc.) and provide them to you for you to review at your convenience. As usual, we are available to answer any questions you might have.

Paperwork is processed securely online.

We maintain very strict standards to comply with both national and local regulations, and to maintain the many certifications that we currently hold. As a result, our clients can feel confident in …. Our years of experience in this industry has enabled us to develop a streamlined process that reduces the time and amount of hassles that are typical with these types of transactions.

  1. Lease Applications are sent securely via AdobeSign
  2. Lease Processing is typically completed within 2 hours
  3. Lease terms are sent for your approval

Move-in instructions are sent prior to your arrival

Prior to arrival, you will receive move-in instructions and details specific to your reservation for quick, easy access to your new home! If you selected an all-inclusive package, all you have to bring are your bags. We’ll prepare an area information packet for you that includes local shopping, dining and all other needs. Our team is available to provide you with 24/7 support if any issues arise.