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in over 20,000 cities and 100 countries!

Our Process

In just five simple steps, you can book your long or short term stay in furnished accommodations that may be customized for your specific needs. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our Process

Worldwide – It’s Our Place Your Way!
Every traveler wants to capture the “settled in” feeling – even if for just a few weeks or months. MCHA offers spacious and accommodating locations that feel like your own private sanctuary within fully furnished, all-inclusive apartments bringing you the comfort, cleanliness and privacy you deserve when work takes you away from home. Immerse yourself in the experience of the personality and culture of your new place. MCHA options can include housekeeping, linen and laundry services, and concierge services. No matter where life takes you, MCHA’s 24/7 assistance is always a call or click away. Our place becomes your place and includes customer service with a smile.

Worldwide – MCHA Has Beneficial Relationships
Who’s auditing your credit card statements? Stop the insanity in lost ROI on vacant rooms. Don’t worry about last minute check in’s, or earlier than expected departure charges. MCHA is your extended accounting (and accountable!) department with established relationships on hotels around the globe. When the need for a super flexible stay is your only option, make one call and MCHA handles all your reservations and accounting needs.

Worldwide – Rest Easy, MCHA is On It!
CHA handles your stay, your travel and can even provide the most alluring itinerary for your vacations. With an extensive travel background, MCHA is bringing the most diverse and highest levels of services to the relocation industry. We all deserve to recharge our batteries and relax in comfort. Find adventure or relaxation whether it’s on a sandy beach, a ski slope, a mountain hike, a quiet meadow, desert sands or even an educational getaway, MCHA knows you earned it.

National – When You Just Need More Space!
When moving a family, bringing furry family members needing more foliage, and a hotel or apartment just won’t do, don’t fret! MCHA has experienced Realtors that buffer customers from the uncertain ins and outs of dealing with an individual homeowner. Don’t get caught signing a lease that isn’t looking out for you – use a professional with years of experience! MCHA always has your best interests at heart in everything we do. MCHA is your shield from the unexpected when relocating.

National – There Are Definite Advantages to Lodging Sites for Crews of 50 or More.
After a long hard day, many workers express their priorities in housing are  ‘convenience, clean, comfortable, easy parking’, but the absolute “must have” is always ‘I need a place to BBQ!’ For jobs that extend 10-12 months or longer, MCHA offers solutions to companies and their crews on the best options for housing, even in the most remote locations. Provide MCHA your specs, and we’ll provide the answers on the best availability nearest to the job site. One company. One call. MCHA does it all.

Our Place. Your Way.

Advantages with MCHA

– The best locations that fit your requirements are researched
– All available selections are presented to you
– Utilities and furnishings are organized for you
– Your furnished home away from home is created
– Area information is supplied for shopping, dining and all other needs
– Your arrival (and departure) is accommodated
– Maintenance is handled for you, 24/7

When you’re ready, we’re ready! MCHA will make any short or long term stay cozy!


Any Location, Any Time

– MCHA experts offer years of combined experience in hospitality and housing 
– All locations we present are vetted
– You’ll enjoy one dedicated account manager
– All reservations & invoicing will be customized
– MCHA tailors services to be your own home away from home
– Diverse cultural awareness is key to our success
– Our responsive support team stays with you every step of the way

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CHA Values


CHA takes pride in having perfected our processes to ensure the smoothest transitions for travelers. We believe in saving our customers money and time. We organize your housing so you don’t have to!


The staff at MCHA acts quickly and effectively based on the needs/wants of every customer. Your accommodations will be ready as agreed and maintenance handled in a timely manner.


In finding the best locations, MCHA believes everyone should be treated like family no matter where you need to be. Clean, fresh accommodations that welcome you to your temporary “home away from home.”


Beginning your day refreshed and energized contributes to your wellbeing. Stay with MCHA for an invigorating, relaxing and carefree experience.