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What is the difference in a furnished apartment, a corporate apartment, and a serviced apartment/flat?

These options are all the same and include: furniture, housewares (linens/dishes, etc.), TV(s), washer/dryer or onsite facility, utilities (electric, gas, water), cable/satellite and WI-FI. Everything needed for a comfortable stay!

What is included in the rate?

The apartment/flat rent, furniture and housewares packages, washer/dryer (if applicable), TV(s), cable, WI-FI and utilities including water, gas & electric.

Do you connect utilities? WI-FI? Cable?

Yes! CHA will customize your home with everything you request.

What is the difference between an AirBnB housing option and a CHA housing option?

CHA has well over 40 years’ experience efficiently organizing arrivals, departures and maintenance issues are handled quickly and, as important, by professionals. In addition, CHA locations are vetted to avoid unwanted surprises.

What’s the difference between a hotel and CHA furnished options?

CHA accommodations are spacious; not a room averaging 125 sq. ft. but an average of 650 sq. ft. with separate bedrooms, full-sized kitchens and most equipped with washer/dryer in-house. CHA locations offer privacy, can be in residential neighborhoods, within a needed school district, and with terms as little as 7 days (average is 30+ days). CHA price advantages include possible avoidance of added tax and surcharges, and rates based on size and term and never per person.

What locations are available; where are furnished apartments located? 

CHA accommodations aren’t limited and we will find the location that best suits your needs – around the globe!

What can I expect the rate to be on a corporately furnished, all-inclusive apartment?

Rates vary depending on your length of stay, the location and the size you require. CHA turnkey accommodations are 1, 2, 3 or even 4 bedrooms in some locations and we provide the best possible price, many times lower than a hotel.

Are taxes charged on a corporate apartment?

Taxes vary per location, however on terms of 30-days or longer taxes may be completely avoided.

Can you accommodate special requests, like ground level, nice view, handicap accessible, housekeeping or a specific area of a city?

YES! CHA will customize your reservation to suit your specific needs and preferences.

How do I get started in my search for a furnished place?

Email CHA:

Call CHA:   1-866-697-3434

Online Chat:

How do I make a reservation?

Contact CHA with your selection and an application is sent electronically. Once completed, a lease will be generated and sent for signature and returned securely online. Once payment arrangements are made, arrival instructions will be sent to ensure a smooth transition into your customized accommodation!

Who controls the temperature in my furnished accommodation?

CHA occupants have complete control over the thermostat.

What form of payment is accepted?

CHA accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express. For approved company lease contracts, direct billing is available upon approval.

What can I typically expect upon move in?

As per prior arrangement, keys will be easily accessible. Your accommodations will have been cleaned, inspected and prepared for you. Customer service contact information will be readily available.

What time do I check in?

Check in time is 4:00 (1600 hours) p.m. Early check in may be available on a case by case basis.

What time do I check out? Is anything else required of me?

Check out is 11:00 (1100 hours) a.m., however, later departures may be accommodated on a case by case basis. Contact CHA with any maintenance required upon departure to help us better assist the next occupant.