Corporate Housing

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Why Choose Us?


Sound Experience

With over 30 years of combined corporate relocation and temporary lodging experience, the principals of Corporate Housing Associates, LP have been exceeding the expectations of its clients. We are one of the original firms to emerge in this industry and have been recognized for our high standards in the markets we serve. Associates of the firm have an average tenure of 10 years and many of our original employees are still with us. Our internal stability places us in a prime strategic position to apply our knowledge and experience throughout the United States.


Excellence in Process Management

Corporate Housing Associates cumulative experience enables us to create and refine a unique competency in managing the corporate lodging process. Our organization has developed highly effective policies and procedures that are standard practices for all our customers/clients and for their and our protection. The systems we have developed for facilitating a reservation for corporate lodging from the initial request to the final reservation and documentation is proven to be a quick and easy process for our clients and our in-house staff.


A Woman-Owned, Cross-Cultural Company

As many U.S. corporations are continuing to recognize the value of creating a workforce that better reflects the shifting demographic patterns of the nation, we believe that the heterogeneity of our staff places us in a unique and beneficial position to serve a wide variety of markets and customers.


Preferred Service Providers

CHA’s Preferred Service Providers are among a select group of service providers to the corporate housing industry that have earned our “Stamp of Approval.”

Service Provider selection criteria includes customer service, commitment to the quality, and customer satisfaction reviews