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CHA Destination Services

As a service-oriented housing provider, MCHA Destination Services assists our customers in many ways. Business leaders understand transitioning employees need time to acclimate to a new area and know when hiring MCHA, those individuals and families will gain from over 40 years’ experience in the management of housing and relocation. Expertise, care, and invaluable resources offers a solid base avoiding the stress relocating can bring. Caring employers offer stability and support during a relocation, easing transitions and enabling travelers to adapt and thrive in their new communities and roles.

What Specific Services Does MCHA Destination Services Supply?

In the Houston and surrounding areas, service availability includes:

  • – Airport Pick Up
  • – Area Tours / Orientations
  • – Home Search Assistance
  • – Relocation Packets
  • – Settling-in Services

How Does MCHA Destination Services Assist Nationwide?

Nationwide areas researched and informative information is disbursed concerning:

  • – Banks
  • – Car Rental Agencies
  • – Child Care Centers or Nanny Services
  • – Consulate Offices
  • – Cross-Cultural and Language Training Schools
  • – Houses of Worship
  • – Legal Matters and Residential Status
  • – Medical Service Providers
  • – Public and Private Schools
  • – Shopping
  • – Social Security Cards
  • – Social/Professional Interests

Working daily with those relocating to a new locale, the MCHA Destination Services team will ensure a relaxed, carefree and successful transition. Call 866-697-3434 and receive your itemized and affordable rates on individual services or a bundled package. MCHA is here to assist wherever life’s path takes you!