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Things to Consider When Relocating Your Family

The need to relocate for any reason, including a promising career move, can be a stressful time for every member of your family. Depending on each person’s needs, leaving friends, family, and familiar sites behind can bring different levels of difficulty to the situation. When relocating your family to a completely new area, consider these…
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Spanish-Speaking Visitors are Welcome in Houston!

Everyone is welcome in The Woodlands! If your native language influences your travel plans, the greater Houston area, and The Woodlands in particular, is a wonderful place to visit. With a diverse cultural base, this region of Texas is known for its hospitality and welcoming nature. Whether you’re fluent in English or you can’t speak…
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Long Distance Commuting. In Need of a Temporary Home Away from Home?

While telecommuting has been on the increase for years, a previously-rare scenario in the workplace has also been increasing in popularity. More and more employees are choosing to commute over long distances instead of relocating for their job. While an hour-long drive to reach the office is standard in many metropolitan areas, these extreme commuters…
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The Woodlands, Texas welcomes Canadian Snowbirds!

As the warm weather fades and a chill is felt in the air, many Canadians begin their journey south for a change of scenery and milder temperatures. As you plan your annual escape from the snow and ice, allow the Canadian Snowbird Association to help with a few of the details. This non-profit organization was…
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