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Long Distance Commuting. In Need of a Temporary Home Away from Home?

While telecommuting has been on the increase for years, a previously-rare scenario in the workplace has also been increasing in popularity. More and more employees are choosing to commute over long distances instead of relocating for their job. While an hour-long drive to reach the office is standard in many metropolitan areas, these extreme commuters…
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Are Corporate Apartments a Better Deal?

Should you book a corporate apartment for your upcoming trade show? Upcoming trade shows in cities across America promise to be enjoyable and informative. If you’re planning to attend a trade show or conference, you should absolutely consider booking a corporate apartment instead of a hotel room. We can tell you from our own experiences,…
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Advantages of Corporate Housing over Hotel Rooms

The Advantages of Corporate Housing Over Hotel Rooms – A Traveler Shares Her Story “Last year I attended a convention in a city a few hours north of where I live. I was pressed for time when I made the arrangements so I reserved a room in the hotel where the convention was taking place.…
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