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Having Difficulties Selling Your Home? Turn It Into Corporate Housing.

Selling your home in a down market can be a challenge, even in Houston or The Woodlands, TX. Unless you want to sell at a deep discount, your house could remain listed for months or even longer before selling. This isn’t a terrible proposition if you’re still living there, but it could present a financial…
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Relocate to Texas – Texas Tops the Jobs Growth Forecast

According to the economic experts at Moody’s Analytics, Texas is expected to add more jobs than any other state during 2011. As of August 1, 2011, Texas was on track to see a 2.6 percent growth in overall employment figures. If your job search has been unsuccessful, relocating to Texas at this time makes perfect…
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Summer Vacation Homes in The Woodlands

The Woodlands is an exciting summer vacation destination that will satisfy the entire family’s need for fun activities. From day programs for the kids to championship golf for mom and dad, this friendly community has combined a wide variety of attractions while maintaining the small-town atmosphere that has made it famous. Here are just a…
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