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Corporate Housing for Business Travelers – Making it Feel Like Home

To find the best job opportunities, many qualified applicants are expanding their job search to include open positions in other cities or even other states. Instead of uprooting their families or wasting time and money on a long daily commute, many long-distance employees are living in corporate housing during the week and only returning home…
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Houston Tops the Strongest Job Markets in the US

The current economy has been tough on everyone. It’s especially hard for families with a bread-winner who suddenly finds themselves without a job. If you’re in this difficult situation, it might be time to consider either relocating or telecommuting to a stronger job market. According to a recent article in the “Bloomberg Businessweek” publication, Houston…
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Things to Consider When Relocating Your Family

The need to relocate for any reason, including a promising career move, can be a stressful time for every member of your family. Depending on each person’s needs, leaving friends, family, and familiar sites behind can bring different levels of difficulty to the situation. When relocating your family to a completely new area, consider these…
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