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Relocation Challenges for Same-Sex Couples

When considering relocation, all couples have to face important and potentially complex issues. Decisions about work, real estate, living costs, education options, culture changes and distance from loved ones can present significant challenges. When a same-sex couple relocates, there are additional, unique considerations. Same-sex civil union and marriage laws are constantly evolving, but they can…
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Enjoy Medical Tourism at The Top Medical Centers in Houston

Americans who travel for specialized, affordable health treatments have generally gone outside of the country to participate in something called medical tourism. The majority of articles and stories covering medical tourism have discussed medical facilities abroad. Very little research regarding medical tourism within the U.S. has been conducted. However, it appears that the tide in…
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When Moving Overseas, Find Great Accommodations to Make You Feel at Home

In a difficult economic climate, flexibility can be a priceless asset. Individuals who are willing to move overseas and work abroad have many more job opportunities than individuals who are stuck in one place. If you are willing to work in a developing economy, you are likely to find serious, long-term career opportunities. You'll probably…
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