Boardwalk at Town Center

Ultra modern with all the amenities possible, Boardwalk is right on the waterway with excellent walking trails leading directly to Market Street, Michelle Pavillion, Waterway Plaza and The Woodlands Mall.

1 BR/1 BA & 2 BR/2 BA

1 BR was $115 ... Now $110 p/day*!
2 BR was $167 ... Now $162 p/day!*

1 BR 1st Fl/560 SF! 2 BR 3rd FL/1252 SF! Offer expires 1/31/18.

Click here for property info, maps, and photos>>

*Minimum stay requirement of 30-days. Offer available with immediate move-in only. Rate valid for first 30-days of reservation only. Standard daily rate will apply after first 30 days. Rate based on availability. Offer is not transferable and expires on 1/31/18.

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